One of the Best Decisions I’ve Ever Made

 After months of research I chose Holloway Family Homes to build my farmhouse. It was by far one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. My house is close to completion and I couldn’t be more excited! Thank you David, Bee and Doug for everything you have done to make this journey a pleasant one for me. Most importantly your patience with me.

–Cindy Spurling, Texas

Exceeded My Expectations

 Holloway Family Homes exceeded my expectations. As first time home builders they were extremely helpful with every process. I felt like we got everything we wanted without going over our budget. David was awesome at helping us through this process. Our construction manager, Doug was also amazing! He was great at communicating with us and letting us know what was going on. I thought building a house would be stressful, but the experience was great thanks to this team. I would definitely recommend them. They make dreams come true!!

–Chrissy Frierson, Texas

Warm and Welcoming

  Warm and welcoming model home buildings and straight up interactions, business dealings, and discussions with sales Staff. Favorable response times by way of telephone, text, and face-to-face interaction through-out the process. The attention-to-detail exhibited at the model homes speak for themselves. My sales consultant’s aptitude, knowledge, patience, professionalism, and understanding from rough sketches to final plans puts him at a different level in the industry.

At the onset, he encouraged me to visit one of their existing houses under construction and did. At the basic-level, I was genuinely pleased with the quality of the work and impressed with the cleanliness of the job site. The kindness, patience and understanding demonstrated by Office Staff during the scheduled face-to-face Colors Selection Meeting process enhanced the smoothness of that particular part of the home building experience.

The aforementioned are just some of the elements which resulted in a great home building experience, thus far.I was so pleased early on, without even breaking ground yet, I referred my next-door neighbor who informed me that he had interviewed ten (10) builders and decided to go with Holloway Family Homes based on my referral and the fact that the Owner devoted extra time explaining and lining out details during the Memorial Day Holiday weekend.

–Mike C., Texas

Extremely Impressed

  Holloway Family Homes built our house and barndominum approximately two years ago. They were honest and professional, and we were happy with the finished products. We have been extremely impressed with their responsiveness to a few of the small warranty issues we have experienced in the two years since completion. Once notified of the problem they immediately addressed the issue. We greatly appreciate and respect their Construction Supervisor. We would recommend Holloway Family Homes.

–Scott & Laura D., Texas

We Recommend HFH

  Pleased with the building construction quality, its appearance, and the quality of our selected feature set. Since the building completion, we have contacted the team about several minor issues that were quickly corrected. The Construction Supervisor, made certain that everything in the house was eventually completed the way we wanted it. We recommend Holloway Family Homes.

–Harold P., North Carolina

I’d Recommend Six Stars

  My wife and I had just about given up on finding a contractor to build our dream house. There was one place down the highway we didn’t check, and it was on the way home after another disappointing contractor meeting. We stopped at their Home Model. Due to our work schedules, Saturdays were the only option to meet. Not one contractor offered Saturdays and instead begged us to take time off of work. But at HFH, they immediately said, “How about next Sat?” We met out at our place and the deal was done. The appointment for picking the colors was a little daunting because there were so many decisions to be made, but they made the entire time enjoyable. They are truly wonderful people and solved any questions /problems we had. The construction site was always clean, organized, and safe for my 90-year-old grandmother to watch and walk through the construction site. House is now done. Every new house will have warranty issues. The only reason it took 3-5 days to fix something at our place was because of my work schedule. Literally “Johnny on the spot”. I highly recommend this company to take care of your home construction. If there were six stars, I’d recommend six stars.

–Devin and Family, North Carolina

Exceeded Our Expectations

  Our Build experience exceeded our expectations in every way. Everyone likes to say that they live and die by referrals and that customer satisfaction is their number one priority. The way Holloway Family Homes does business leaves you with no doubt it is the case with them. If you’re looking for a great quality home at a very competitive price point that will be built on an exceptionally reasonable timeline, I cannot think of a builder that could even compete!

–Josh V., Texas

Extremely Happy With My Home

  I saw Holloway Family Homes model home and was instantly hooked as my husband and I knew this was the house we wanted, and so we signed a contract for our new home build. There were a few issues during the build process, esp. the time it took to complete, but I understand now that can be the case with most home builders and the home building process in general. I am happy and LOVE my home. We did find a few minor issues after we moved in, but that was quickly and professionally resolved upon me notifying them. Other than the aforementioned complaint, I am extremely happy with my home.

–Jenn C, North Carolina

Would Recommend Them Highly

  We hired Holloway Family Homes to build on our property. Building a home is incredibly frustrating with subcontractors, delays, and mistakes plus last-minute changes that we requested. Despite my frustrations at various things, the team was always patient and accessible to answer questions and respond to concerns. Been in our house for 8 months (even during a hurricane) now and quality is great and is exactly what we wanted. Would recommend them highly -they truly stand out in a very tough business.

–Carl & Kerrie K., Texas

On Time and On Budget

  Our Family selected Holloway Family Homes to build a home in the country. We love the farmhouse details, and the workmanship was of excellent quality. The price was fair, and the project was on time and on budget. The staff is friendly and helpful and worked with us when we made modifications to the plans. They were responsive during the warranty period and fixed a few things that came up. We love our home and recommend Holloway Family Homes.

–Sandra and Family, Texas